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All Repairs are done in-house
We do not send your beloved gadget away!

GHD Straightener Service
Professional GHD repairs at MSelectrical
for our local customers
All repairs are PAT tested following current Health & Safety Guidance
GHD Straightener Service

Apple iPhone Repairs in Durham County
Apple iPhone Repairs in Durham County

Laptop & Tablet LCD Screen Replacement Service
MS electrical, Durham Computer Repairs since 1994

Apple iPad Repairs in Durham
Apple iPad Repairs in Durham

Trojan, Virus and other threats removal service
Trojan, Virus and other threats removal service

Mselectrical is appointed local area Jettec Ink Cartridges Official Dealer
Mselectrical is appointed local area Jettec Ink Cartridges Official Dealer

Tips on how to choose which Computer purchase
Tips on how to choose which Computer purchase







































I came from Italy in 1993 together with my family (half English).

There were not many jobs around and I decided to use my electronics skills to create our own business.
Being ready on September 1993, we had a delay and we actually started off in 1994 with the help of the Enterprise Agency in Chester-le-street (Durham).
I do Computer Repairs and sell online [periodically], I am the Webmaster [big word!] of my own web-sites and take care or our Suppliers and my other half does the accounts and take care of our customers and suppliers.

We now have a respectable Computer and other Electronics repair business [among other things] called MSelectrical. The repair side of the business has its ups and downs, thanks to digital (satellite) and the continuing price lowering of audio/video equipment, but in the last few years it seems to be picking up again on the Computer side and GHD Straightener repairs - we also replace LCD screen on Laptops/Tablets/etc. and glass-digitisers ...

We also do sell spare parts for Cooker, Vacuum, Washer, etc.

... more boring stuff !

Anyway, at least I have studies Electronics [including Construction Technology, Maths in Electronics, etc.] and Computing and worked with various Companies within various fields from Telecommunications and Sea Data Acquisition which also included Applied Mathematical Models [inland] of important harbours like Bata, Dubai, etc. and even some of the testing for the Venice project called MOSE which was to protect Venice - something like the London Electronically controlled Tide levels protection [I know from sea to Space!] - the Sea 'bit' I did was the most interesting as I worked close to many Engineers that created their 'theoretical' models and then the construction team did their bit and I added all instrumentation connected to our computers in the central Computer Bulk Station - it was rather satisfying.

Then slowly and starting with the old Sir Clive Sinclair's Spectrum Computer I started my self-learning on Computing until I did a short course on Cobol and RPGII [incredibly old computing programming still in use today!] - but I do not remember anything of it, although it teached me how to use my mid logically and tactically, rather than 'improvising' as most humans do.

These days I do repair Windows 'mucked-up' Systems on various type of Computers, it is utterly unbelievable the conditions I find most of them and the worst ones being those that 'the expert' friend tried to fix and made it worse or unusable!

But the love for Space Technology is still there and it is raising again from the dead thanks to NEW technology and projects like Rosetta and Lunar Mission One and even Mars One Project.

I always wondered how to enter this 'wonderful' sector, but never had the opportunity, unfortunately.

The nearest I got was when I visited the Alenia Group in Rome [Italy] and saw their high technology electronics and their 'clean room' - I also saw a few bits of the Computer they were starting to test for the Tornado Airplane at the time - great stuff! [you know the tip of the plane? that bit - at least at the time!]

It is a pity not to have an opportunity to help with my experience ... not for 'just' the money but for the Love mainly!

I like to 'make' things work and for very long too!

I am a huge fan of fixing rather than replacing, unless the Technology has advanced so much that it is imperative to update, but as the Americans say: if it ain' t broken, don't fix it!


The Astronomy and Space Interest ...

My passion for science started thanks to the 1969 Apollo 11 landing (I was in Primary school).

Astronomy in particular followed straight away, thanks to my teacher and the far clearer skies!
She gave me the solar system atlas as a present for my Christening - I was 10 years old (do your accounts).

Always watching the sky and bumping on light street poles! I also do believe in the possibility of other intelligent beings living in other parts of the universe (the one we know, well I have my own theory since 1975 and I agree with Hawking's pointed universe theory). We only are a small sand grain in a ocean.

Please E-mail me for or with any information or just to help me build a better site (i.e. change of colours, new subjects, pictures, errors etc.).
Your invaluable feedback will be very much appreciated.
Most of all, let me know if you wish to add your Society, group or even 2 people's club - anybody which associates with astronomy and space science.

By the way this site was just redesigned, so I am updating it as soon as I have some spare time. I am not a computer guru, but I am an advanced user.
I am obviously also an amateur astronomer and I do like space and general science (medicine, technology, ancient civilisations, etc.).

I used to have only binoculars and then a Meade LX10 - 8", sold in 1998 to purchase a new PC - necessity.
At present I own a SKYLINER-250PX 254mm (10”) f/1200 Dobsonian, (a dog, good neighbours and a good alarm system!) which I have fit with an EQ6 equatorial mount with motor drivers, then - when possible - I will upgrade the drivers kit with the Synta go-to, which will give better reliability and stability and a electrical focusser.

The binoculars are a standard Super Zenith 10x50 - wide angle - field 7° and the CCD cam is a Philips PCVC740K webcam with a 25mm nosepiece adapter. I use old Laptop to do image acquisition, but I rework images with a much more powerful Laptop.

I used to be a SPA (Society for Popular Astronomy) member since 1996 (if I remember well !) and a SAS (Sunderland Astronomical Society) member since December 2003 and I was the webmaster of the Sunderland Astronomical Society's website.

After years of being the webmaster of the SAS [until 2008 I believe] and not being listened after asking several times the officers of the SAS for updating and upgrading and modernising the website - I was asked to leave the post, I happily and 'swiftly' accepted [!] and freed my time and concentrated on my own websites and business, mainly on Servicing / Data Recovery and Virus, Trojan and other threats removal - Apple Windows Laptop iPads screen replacement - well I am I do my best and I do not own a Cow-boy hat.

Now I am trying to get back to Amatorial Astronomy, having not had the time and I currently am a Sponsor/Supporter for The Lunar Mission One and future missions.

Please support this mission, as it is very important to 'move' from Apollo and go forward, when no one has gone before ta-ta-ra-ta-ta-ra-ta-ta-ra-ta-ta-ra-taaa - as someone used to say!

Good for the kids = the adults of the future.


In the end I mix Electronics Computing Astronomy [and music too!] be continued!